All the fun of the damp spring fair

editorial image

The mention of spring fairs summons up images of playing fields teaming with marching bands, over-excited children, bouncy castles and more fairy cakes than you could possibly eat.

Or, in the case of the 1984 Goffs Park festival, a mad dash to move the whole event indoors to escape the awful weather.

These pictures were taken from the Observer picture archive.

The main photo, from May 1987, shows Rosy the Clown with a group of children.

But, while most of the children were smiling politely for the camera, who was the cheeky young lad on the left poking out his tongue? And what did he have against the Observer photographer!

The two children posing with the barn owl in May 1990 were Louise and Christopher Mortimer, aged 7 and 5.

They were from Broadfield and the owl was owned by Jill Garrard, of Feather Perfection.

Were you at the Goffs Park Festival in 1984? Can you name any of the people in these photos?