Anger as vandals tear up flowers outside station


The man who tends to the floral display in front of Crawley Railway Station has hit out at vandals who destroyed the plants.

Charles Cripps, the building manager at Overline House, said he found the flowers ripped up and thrown on the pavement on Wednesday (July 30).

Mr Cripps said: “They wouldn’t do it at home or their parents’ gardens so why do it in other people gardens.

“Every summer we put on a nice display.

“It’s done for everybody to enjoy so why should they just destroy it.”

Mr Cripps, who had been the building manager for 16 years, said the problem was getting worse.

He said: “It’s the first time I’ve seen it done in the middle of the week.

“Mostly it was weekends when people were coming out of pubs or nightclubs and we were getting lots of problems.”

Mr Cripps said he regularly discovered overnight damage to the display once a month at weekends and that the flowers had been damaged some four times since June.

In addition, he said the doorways next to the display had regularly been used as toilets.

Mr Cripps said he paid more than £100 for the current display and added: “The flowers are watered and weeded every day. They are like children, we look after them.”

Signs above the display state the area is monitored by CCTV but Mr Cripps said the vandals kept their backs turned to the cameras.

When it came to keeping the area clean, he praised staff at the nearby Moka nightclub for tidying up the area in front of the station on the weekends.