Award for Crawley poet

A POET has received a Highly Commended Award for her poem ‘Afterword’ which was inspired by a conversation with her dad.

Lucienne Kim Flavell, 27, of Rusper Road, Ifield, was eating chocolate at the time when he told her “if you continue like that you will be dead by the time you are 40 years old”.

She said: “It made me really upset but when I get upset I write my best poetry. I wish I could write more love poems but my poetry tends to be quite dark.”

Lucienne said her poem was about the inconvenience her death would cause and reminded the reader she is a human being, not just fat.

The former Hazelwick student said although she is dyslexic it has not stopped her.

She said: “I was put in foundation classes at school but I always got high grades. Apart from my spelling I don’t think it held me back – I’m just thankful for spell check.”

Award-winning poet Hugo Williams encouraged her to enter the Poetry Box International Horror, Gothic Horror and Dark Poetry Silver Trophy Cup competition.

She added: “I showed him one of my poems and he said I had a serious talent and I should send it off. I hadn’t really thought about doing about it before then.”

Lucienne, who works in customer services for a car insurance firm, said her dream is to become a full-time writer and to publish her own book.

Her poem ‘Afterword’ will be published in the first edition of The Poetry Box Horror and Dark Poetry Magazine on the April 30.

Afterword by Lucienne Kim Flavell

They had to knock out a wall

before they could winch me

onto the back of a lorry.

My neighbours came to watch;

I hadn’t left the house in years.

They fastened me inside

an industrial freezer.

Then began the chore

of constructing my coffin;

a glamorised shed.

Men hollowed

a corner of a field,

my parents looked

at the crumbled soil

and remembered the woman