Boy, 11, to collect unwanted food for the homeless

jpco-21-11-12 Glen Edwards  (Pic by Jon Rigby)
jpco-21-11-12 Glen Edwards (Pic by Jon Rigby)

An11-year-old boy will jump on his bike and collect unwanted food and clothes to donate to the homeless so they don’t go cold and hungry this Christmas.

Glen Edwards, from Broadfield, will cycle to homes with his mum Sam and dad Paul to pick up the items and deliver them to Crawley Open House on Stephenson Way in Three Bridges.

He will split the produce with the homeless café that has recently opened at The Tree.

The boy, who goes to Thomas Bennett Community College, in Tilgate said he hit upon the idea because he could not bear the thought of anyone going hungry at Christmas time.

Mum Sam said: “We are so proud of him. He has always tried to help others and he is always doing things like this.

“He is very thoughtful and he cares about people and he enjoys doing things like this.”

She added: “My dad passed away last November and so he has had some difficult times in his life.

“He raised £1,500 for St Catherine’s Hospice where my dad was being cared for.

“We went to the homeless shelter when we were clearing out my dad’s house and I think he got the idea to do this from that.

“He is a lovely boy and we are so proud of him.”

Glen is asking people to give his dad Paul a call if they have any unwanted items and he will schedule an appointment to pick up the goods.

Sam said: “He will be going on his bike or we will give him a lift in the car. Either way we will be going along with him.

“He is a good kid and we are so very proud of him.”

Director of the Open House, Peter Mansfield-Clark said he was very grateful for Glen’s help.

He said: “It is very admirable and it is something that we need more of from people.

“For someone so young to be valuing other people above themselves is just wonderful. We are very pleased that he is doing this for us.

“Basically we really need food and clothes especially as it gets colder.

“It really is magnificent and we want to thank him very much for thinking of us.

“It is people like this that make a real difference and help.”

If you have any unwanted food or clothes items contact Paul on 07552181745 to arrange a pick up time.