Call for further road safety improvements

Worth Road road safety campaign
Worth Road road safety campaign

Residents living along Worth Road are concerned that traffic safety measures installed by West Sussex County Council have not done enough to slow down traffic.

And, while one pedestrian crossing is in place close to Pound Hill Parade, there are calls for a second to be installed at the far end of the road to help reduce traffic speeds.

Campaigners questioned whether recent traffic calming measures, such as speed cushions, had been effective, though the county council insisted average speeds had been reduced by 5mph since they were built.

Norman Starmer, 81, of Worth Road, said: “On some days it becomes like a race track for the motorbikes from the top of the hill down the road to the shops.

“The other day I was trying to cross and I looked to the left and the right and when I looked to the left again there was a bike almost on top of me. Quite a few drivers still put their foot down going along here.

“The county council has to get something organised because some one else is going to be killed.”

Betty Adams, 85, of Burleys Road, said: “We do desperately need a crossing here. The traffic is so fast and so dangerous. The speed cushions haven’t slowed them down, especially when they go down in the morning on their way to work.

“Walking to the shops turns into a drama when it should be a joy. When you get old you are trying desperately to keep safe and keep strong and it’s worrying because the traffic comes down the road so fast.”

John Wallsgrove said: “The council should look at what people need. There are people living in Burleys Road who won’t go out because they are scared to cross that road.”

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said: “There are no current plans to install a second crossing near Burleys Road. A request would have to be passed on to the local member, who would take it to the East Crawley CLC for assessment before officers can carry out any detailed studies.

“According to the latest road speed data available, the average speed on Worth Road is now 24.9mph. This has come down from 29.9mph, which was recorded in May of last year.”