Chairman of a disbanded Crawley community group wants to reunite old members


The former chairman and founder of a disbanded community group wants to reunite old members to tie up loose ends.

Willie Kosseh called on ex-members of African Carribbean Advancement Association Sussex (ACAAS) to help him decide where some £2,000 should go.

He said the money was left with him in the group’s bank account after it disbanded in 2004.

Mr Kosseh, of Southgate, said: “I’m worried, the fund was set-up for a charitable purpose, but I’ve been busy.

“The bank advised to give notification for others to make the decision.

“I’m covering my back legally and morally doing the right thing.”

Mr Kosseh founded ACAAS in 2001 to help African and Carribbean communities in Crawley and the wider area integrate into society.

The group ran discos and sold African food in events across town to raise funds and raise awareness of health issues relevant to its communities.

Mr Kosshed said it disbanded in 2004 because its executive members could not agree on which direction to take the group.

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