Charity fundraiser is close to mum’s heart

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A mother’s battle to get a diagnosis for her young daughter’s heart disorder is the inspiration behind a fundraising event at in Crawley next month.

Cherish Ayres, 28, from Smallfield in Horley, has chosen the Syncope Trust And Reflex anoxic Seizures (STARS) to benefit from the funds raised from an evening of clairvoyance hosted by Peter Langhorn on Friday March 14.

STARS is a cause close to Cherish’s heart following the diagnosis of her four-year-old daughter Abi with the condition two years ago.

Mainly occurring in young children, it causes unexpected blackouts and loss of consciousness and is often misdiagnosed as epilepsy or temper tantrums.

Any unexpected stimulus, such as pain, shock or fright causes the heart and breathing to stop temporarily and the child to become deathly white.

Cherish said: “Abi’s first episode happened when she was just ten months old. She passed out and become rigid. She looked as though she was gone. I didn’t think she was coming back.

“Abi was diagnosed with breath-holding but then at 13-14 months old her symptoms became worse. She was having full blown fits.”

Cherish then found STARS and contacted their helpline. They gave her information to share with Abi’s doctors leading to the correct diagnosis.

Since then Abi’s seizures have become less frequent and she is now a happy, active girl.

The evening at The Grasshoppers in Tilgate starts at 7.30pm. Tickets priced at are £12 are available from the pub. Contact Cherish or Sammy for further information 07854 480 622.

For more information on reflex anoxic seizures visit