Charity leap for daredevil family

The Eveleigh family skydivers SUS-140717-100641001
The Eveleigh family skydivers SUS-140717-100641001

A family of daredevils has helped to raise thousands of pounds for a wildlife charity by leaping out of an aeroplane.

Tom Eveleigh, who volunteers with the charity Care for Wild, laid down a challenge to his family and friends to join him in a fundraising sky dive – and seven of them stepped up.

Joined by his mum Heather, uncle Paul, cousin Josh, and friends Karolina Gieczys, Claire Groves, Dan King and Sally Barlass, Tom took to the sky over Wiltshire before most of the group leapt out at 10,000ft.

Heather decided she wanted to jump from 15,000ft and Tom did the same.

Tom said: “The day of the jump was amazing, as part of me was worrying about ensuring everything went smoothly, and the other half was worrying about jumping out of a plane!

“Then my mum suddenly decided she wanted to jump from higher than everyone else, so of course I had to do that too. I’ve got to say, I was very nervous, but I did it, and so did everyone else – it was amazing.”

The jump raised £2,000 for the charity, which works all over the world to defend, protect and rescue animals.

Explaining why he joined the charity, Tom said: “When I left my last job up in the city I was living a pretty self-centred life so I wanted to do something that meant a lot to me.

“It’ll be a real shame if I’m part of the generation that allows elephants, rhinos and tigers to become extinct and only things that people can see on repeats of David Attenborough programmes.

“They have the right to exist and we have the chance to stop something that seems inevitable.”