Concern over Crawley disabled bay potholes

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Residents believe disabled parking bays in their road are dangerous to use because of potholes and sewage.

People in Lansbury Road, Broadfield, said they had been pushed ‘from pillar to post’ in their bid to get potholes repaired.

Terry Worboys, 53, is a blue badge holder, which means he is entitled to use disabled parking bays, but he felt the two bays on offer in his road were dangerous to use.

He said they were both covered in potholes and one was at the bottom of a sloping car park with blocked drains, and was often covered with water or sewage.

Retired John Burgen, who has arthritis in his leg, said the potholes made it even harder for him to walk.

He has lived in the road for 14 years and was not aware of any repairs being made in that time.

Barry Nicholson, 65, said many of the residents living in the road were elderly and could easily trip over the potholes, debris and wonky paving slabs.

He claimed he had been passed from Crawley Borough Council, to West Sussex County Council (WSCC), to the Highways Agency, in his bid to report the problems.

He said: “You can never get an answer because they pass you from pillar to post.”

Luke Rapson, 23, said he has reported the issues to the county council but had been told the potholes were not deep enough to warrant repairs taking place yet.

A West Sussex County Council spokesman said the set depth for intervention on road potholes was 40mm and the potholes in that road were not that deep.

The set depth for intervention on pathways was 20mm.

He said a highway officer visited the site last week and ‘confirmed there are no safety defects present’ so they are not planning to make repairs.

The spokesman added: “However, we would not treat one location any different on the basis someone would use a wheelchair there regularly.

“That is because any path/footway could be used by a wheelchair user.

“The drains are situated on the public highway so we are responsibility for their maintenance. We have arranged for a highway inspector to check the area next time we have rain.”