Council asks if people want Crawley to Dorking bus service

Louth to host it's first Triathlon event.
Louth to host it's first Triathlon event.

Crawley Borough Council is working with bus operators researching demand for a service between Crawley and Dorking.

The potential service could take in villages including Newdigate, Leigh, Brockham, Norwood Hill and Strood Green.

If you are interested in a bus service linking Crawley and Dorking email with the following information:

* How often would you be likely to use the service?

* What days of the week would you use the service?

* What journey would you make regularly e.g. Dorking to Crawley?

* What time(s) would you need to arrive at your destination?

* What would you use the bus service for e.g. work, leisure, shopping, business, education?

* How many people would be likely to go with you on this service e.g. family members, colleagues, friends in any direction?

Cllr Peter Smith, Cabinet member for Planning and Economic Development, said: “We would like to make it easier for more people to visit Crawley’s excellent retail and leisure facilities so if we can confirm a potential gap in bus services between Crawley and Dorking, there could be an opportunity to introduce a more sustainable method of transport between these towns. If you would be interested in a bus service between Crawley and Dorking please contact us.”