Council on look-out for skateboarders after complaints from traders


Crawley Borough Council has received complaints about skateboarders practicing their skills in Queens Square.

At a meeting of the full council last week, Cabinet members were asked what was being done to address what some believed to be antisocial behaviour.

During public question time, Sue Mullins, of Langley Green, said the skateboarders – who can often be seen riding their boards in front of the bandstand – were causing “absolute mayhem”.

She also complained about the number of beggars in the square and asked: “What are the council doing to upgrade the square and make it a place people want to come?

“Skateboarders and people sitting on the pavement begging for pennies is not good.”

A spokesman for the council confirmed complaints about the skateboarders had been received . But he denied claims by Mrs Mullins that their actions had caused any damage to the square other than a few scrapes on the edge of the steps.

The spokesman added: “Market traders have reported that people are skateboarding in Queens Square to the town centre manager.

“Community wardens received a text on April 16 saying youths were skateboarding in Queens Square but when the warden arrived no one was using a skateboard.

“However, this has now been added as a hotspot for the community wardens so regular checks will take place and the parking officer working in the town centre will also be monitoring this.”

Mrs Mullins’ concerns about the skateboarders were not shared by everyone.

Commenting on the Observer’s Facebook site, many residents defended the young people who took part, referring to them as “harmless”.

Angela Ive said: “I take my son to the South Bank to see skateboarding as he loves it. The other day he saw them in the town all he wanted to do was join in on his scooter. I have always found them polite and never a problem.”

Some felt there were bigger problems which needed to be addressed.

Darren Maynard said: “People on bikes seem to be more of a danger as they have the speed and weave in and out of the crowds.”

Amber Taylor added: “People handing out leaflets is definitely worse, especially as people take them then throw them on the floor 30 seconds later.”