Crackdown on drink drivers to continue

Sussex Police put the breaks on irresponsible drinking over Christmas with a crime crack-down.

Some 3,987 breath tests were administered and 128 drivers were arrested for failing breath tests in Sussex Police’s annual Drink Or Drive campaign in December.

During the four-week campaign, Sussex Police ran roadside checks at a variety of locations throughout Sussex, which accounted for 3,269 of the total number of breath tests, and 111 of the arrests.

The force also routinely breath tested anyone involved in a collision and 17 of these resulted in arrests.

Sussex Police used Facebook and Twitter to spread the Drink Or Drive message and encouraged people to report any concerns.

Superintendent Natalie Moloney said the work to remove drink-drivers from the roads would not stop.

She said: “The goal of the Police, and the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, is to have a road network free from the fear of being injured by a drunk driver.”

Crawley Police worked through the celebrations on New Year’s Eve as they received 93 calls and made 18 arrests between 6pm on December 31 and 6am on January 1.

This is double the number of calls made on an ‘ordinary’ night. For example, in the same time period on December 17 2012, 46 calls were received.

Crawley Police Inspector Zahid Khan was on duty on the busy evening.

He said: “There were 18 arrests in Crawley. All of those arrested were under the influence of alcohol and generally for assaults, domestic related incidents and public order.

“This is very similar to previous years when alcohol plays a significant role in the types of incidents that police deal with.”

During the previous year’s celebrations, 114 calls were made to Crawley Police.