Crawley and Horley dancers in Got to Dance final

Dance Illusion in the live shows
Dance Illusion in the live shows

A pair of dancers will perform in the finals of a national TV dance competition.

James Black and Louie Shepherd, both 19, of Crawley and Horley, were voted through to the finals of Sky 1’s Got to Dance by viewers yesterday (Monday August 25) with their group Dance Illusion.

The winner of the competition, which will be aired on Sky 1 on Friday, will be determined by a live public vote.

Robert Hamilton, manager and main choreographer of the 19-strong group, called on the people of Crawley and Horley to help the pair’s dreams come true by voting for them during the show.

Robert, 38, of Glasgow, said: “They are completely buzzed up about being 2014’s winners.

“Their big dream is to perform in Las Vegas – it has the biggest shows and productions.

“People have the opportunity to make that dream come true by picking up the phone.”

He has been working with the pair for the last six months in Glasgow and London.

Speaking of their commitment to the competition, he added: “They have been committed not just to the performing but to the lifestyle.”

James and Louie travelled to and from London on the weekends, spent days training in Glasgow, had to condition their bodies and sacrificed their social lives in preparation for the competition.