Crawley anti-social parking sees committee call for action over ‘dangerous’ road

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Concerns over the dangers caused by anti-social parking has prompted councillors to call for action.

At a meeting of the East Crawley County Local Committee, members asked for Grattons Drive, Pound Hill, to be given high priority when it came to future traffic regulation orders.

The meeting was told drivers – mainly commuters using Three Bridges station – had taken to parking on blind bends, reducing visibility and leaving pedestrians and other drivers at risk.

Cllr Richard Burrett (Con, Pound Hill & Worth) said: “The south end of Grattons Drive is the bane of my life at the moment.

“People are really worried about what is happening there and I know the problem has been created because there is a CPZ in part of Pound Hill South.”

A CPZ is a controlled parking zone which only allows drivers to park during certain hours if they hold a valid permit.

One knock-on effect of CPZ’s has seen drivers leave the controlled areas and park in nearby streets, shunting the problem from one part of town to another.

Cllr Burrett informed the meeting a six-month review of CPZ’s was due to be carried out in the coming month.

But it was agreed making Grattons Drive a high priority when it came to future traffic regulation orders would help insure the problem was addressed, one way or the other.

Cllr Burrett said: “This is the number one issue for me.

“People are having to cross the road into oncoming traffic on a blind bend. It’s really dangerous.”

Concerns about parking in the area were shared by residents commenting on the Crawley Observer Facebook page.

Amy Forrest said: “The parking is awful. As you turn into Grattons drive there are cars parked on the left.

“You can’t see past them and have had several near misses with others coming the other way.”

Helen Beagley added: “Since the parking restrictions were introduced on Worth Park Avenue, restrictions should be put in place in all areas near the station for non-residents.”

Karen Davis Miller said: “Need to sort this problem out. When our kids come out of school it’s really bad. Careless people parking on pavements and corners, driving to fast too.”