Crawley Conservatives name Shadow Cabinet

Crawley councillor Duncan Crow ENGSUS00120131202145644
Crawley councillor Duncan Crow ENGSUS00120131202145644

Crawley’s Conservative group has named its Shadow Cabinet and vowed to provide a “strong and credible alternative” to the new Labour council.

Conservative leader Cllr Duncan Crow said, “We have a wealth of experience and expertise in our group and all of us will be working together for the good of the town.

“Our Shadow Cabinet will lead on providing the robust challenge that is needed to scrutinise Labour policy and will offer credible alternatives when we feel Labour have got it wrong.

“We also intend to work constructively with Labour to ensure we have the best policies coming forward in the interests of Crawley.”

The Shadow Cabinet will consist of:

Leader - Cllr Duncan Crow

Deputy Leader and Housing - Cllr Richard Burrett

Customer and Corporate Services - Cllr Nigel Boxall

Community Engagement - Cllr Duncan Peck

Planning and Economic Development - Cllr Bob Lanzer

Leisure and Cultural Services - Cllr Beryl MeCrow

Environmental Services - Cllr Ken Trussell

Cllr Crow added “The Conservative Shadow Cabinet is a very experienced team that will provide a strong and credible alternative to Labour’s Cabinet at the town hall.

“This is important in order for us to have a healthy and vibrant local democracy in Crawley.”