Crawley dog attack survivor meets Dog Borstal expert

BRAVE dog attack survivor Princess Goodwin will find out what made her pet snap when she meets a famous animal psychiatrist live on GMTV.

Mum-of-three and former model Princess was left needing major reconstructive surgery after her own hound savaged her in the middle of the night.

And Princess, of Jewel Walk, Bewbush – who said she thought someone had 'smashed her in the face' when her greyhound ripped of part of her nose and cheek – reckoned knowing what had caused her dog's blood lust would help her sleep at night.

The scarred mum will talk to Robert Alleyne from BBC Three's Dog Borstal where she will re-live the harrowing attack.

She explained: "I will be going on GMTV and then This Morning to talk about the attack.

"I will be appearing with the man from Dog Borstal and he'll be explaining what could have happened.

"He thinks that it might have had some rage attack, something went wrong in his brain and he just did it."

Princess, who was forced to destroy six-year-old greyhound Ali after the ferocious attack, still has one lurcher dog, but says she will never let him sleep on the bed.

She said: "One of the reasons I wanted to go on TV was so that everyone knows what I do, that is don't sleep with your dog on the bed. I've met so many people around town who have said they'd read about what happened to me and now wouldn't let their dogs on the bed."

Princess has already undergone two operations at the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead as top surgeons battle to save her looks.

It's thought that the series of reconstructions could take up to a year, but Princess says she's trying to keep smiling.

She said: "I am on about 30 tablets a day and will have to have a new nose. I am just absolutely gutted, but everyone I have met has been so supportive, which is really helping.

"But now I'm going on telly I suppose I had better put my face on – I'm just going to have to find it first."

Princess will be appearing on ITV today (Monday).