Crawley Down scientist takes her project to parliament

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A PHD student from Crawley Down has shown her science project to MPs.

Sophie Kinnear, 25, showed her work to MPs in the final of an annual competition between early-career research scientists, engineers and technologists on Monday (March 17).

Sophie was short-listed from hundreds of applicants to appear in Parliament in the chemistry category of the competition.

Each participant displayed a poster of their work in the House of Commons marquee where they were scrutinised by judges before MPs looked at their posters and spoke to the competitors.

Cash prizes were awarded to the winners of each category.

The University of Warwick student said although she did not win a prize the judges and MPs were very complimentary of her work.

She said: “The chance to bring my work to Parliament has been wonderful and I definitely feel that my presentation skills have benefited from the experience, both in terms of poster design and talking about my project.”

Sophie’s poster was based on developing new techniques to study how crystalline materials dissolve.

She is pictured with the microscope she created to analyse sodium chloride crystals.