Crawley girl, 6, scoops dance prize

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A six-year-old who spends three days a week in hospital has picked up six medals at a Irish Dance World Final in Germany.

Molly Cass, from Maidenbower, started Irish dancing less than one year ago but she has quickly become one of the best of her age in the world – all despite having to undergo 12 hours of dialysis treatment every week.

Molly has a congenital condition which means her kidneys only have 10 per cent of their normal function and she has to travel to and from a hospital in London three times a week for four-hour long dialysis treatments.

But at the Irish Dancing World Championship, held in Germany over the Easter weekend, Molly won five medals and a trophy.

Molly’s mother Suzanne said: “She did fantastically well. There were loads of contenders. Molly was up against about 17 in her age group. It was tough for all the children, let alone Molly.

“We’re incredibly proud of her anyway for what she’s going through , for how brave she is, but this is just the icing on the cake really. It’s something she loves doing and she’s so good at it.”

Even after giving nine performances in one day, Suzanne said Molly still had energy to watch all the other contenders and do some sight seeing for the rest of the weekend.

Molly decided to take up Irish Dancing when her tap and ballet classes became too tiring.

Suzanne said: “I said ‘isn’t that more energetic?’ and she said ‘no mum it’s skipping, it’s different’.

“But when you watch them it’s constantly jumping on your tip toes. You’ve got to have so much stamina for it. But it hasn’t put her off.”

Molly attends two hour dance classes at Ace Academy of Irish Dance, Broadfield, every Tuesday and a workshop every Saturday.

Becky Rham, one of the older children in the class, has been crowned world champion for the past four years.

Suzanne said Molly looked up to Becky.

She said: “They call her Baby Becks now because she aspires to be like her.”

Molly will be able to dedicate even more time and energy to her favourite hobby when her father donates his kidney to her in six months’ time.