Crawley Market can stay in Queens Square until May

jpco-26-2-14 Crawley Market in High Street might close (Pic by Jon Rigby)
jpco-26-2-14 Crawley Market in High Street might close (Pic by Jon Rigby)

Crawley’s Wednesday Market has been given a further stay of execution after traders met with town hall staff.

Following a meeting on Friday (March 8), town centre manager Alfredo Mendes has contacted the stall holders and told them the market could remain in Queens Square until May.

The traders had been told the Wednesday market was to be removed from Queens Square and only the High Street was to be used.

Some 4,000 people have since signed petitions calling on the market to be left in Queens Square after the council was warned there was not enough footfall in the High Street for the market to survive.

A letter sent to the traders today (March 10) following the meeting with Mr Mendes and Cllr Bob Lanzer stated: “Cllr Bob Lanzer has considered your comments and concerns and is prepared to agree to re-establish, for a limited period, the original agreement regarding the operation of the Market in Crawley, namely that Street Trading Consents on Wednesdays will be issued for Queens Square subject to individual traders attending the High Street market on either Friday or Saturday.

“This agreement will be in place until the first available Cabinet decision point past the end of May.”

Trader Sandy Turner said: “This is good news for now, at least we can carry on for now, although we are still after the bigger picture!”