Crawley mum launches club to help others lose weight

A mum-of-three who lost six stone is to start her own slimming club to ‘inspire others to regain their self confidence’.

Kimberley Thompson, from Langley Green, decided enough was enough when she was told her pregnancy was classed as high risk due to her weight.

“I felt I had let my baby down already – they said I would need to be monitored by a consultant due to the health implications my weight could have on the baby,” she said.

Further humiliation came when she went for a scan and was hurt by the midwife’s reaction to the stretch marks on her stomach. “She probably didn’t realise how much her reaction hurt me – it just confirmed everything I was feeling conscious about was real. I cried the whole way home.”

Despite this, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy in November 2013. What should have been the happiest time was tainted by her self confidence being at an all-time low. Plans to get married in Jamaica filled Kim, then a size 22, with dread.

Determined to take action over her weight she went to a Slimming World group. 
“I was extremely nervous but as soon as I walked in I felt at ease by the friendly faces and warm welcomes. I was pleased to find I could set my own interim targets to break it up into more manageable goals. What’s more, I was able to choose what I wanted to weigh rather than being told”.

Kim, who joined the group with her now husband Jason and mum Gill, quickly started to see results. “Within a few weeks I’d got my one stone award and started to receive compliments from others.

“Nobody could believe how fast the weight was falling off me, yet all they were seeing was me eating huge portions of delicious food.”

By her wedding in April 2015, Kim had lost five stone and wore a size 14 wedding dress. “Besides wearing my dream dress in Jamaica, it felt amazing to be able to shop for holiday clothes in shops that 
I hadn’t been able to buy from before. I bought things I liked rather than just what fit me and stopped hiding away 
in black.”

Now, Kim, a target member since October 2015, has decided to start up her own group. “I feel unrecognisable inside and out, and want to inspire others to regain their self confidence too.”

Join her at Pound Hill Infant Academy tonight (Wednesday March 30) at 7.30pm, as she relaunches the Pound Hill Slimming World group.