Crawley music shop runs free lessons to encourage more people to play

A Crawley music shop is supporting a nationwide campaign to introduce people of all ages to playing a musical instrument.

The Music Company in Northgate Parade is one of several venues across the UK provide free lessons on Learn to Play Day next month.

jpco-19-03-14 'Learn to play' day on the 12th April (Pic by Jon Rigby) PPP-140317-174607003

jpco-19-03-14 'Learn to play' day on the 12th April (Pic by Jon Rigby) PPP-140317-174607003

They will be offering 15 minute introductory lessons in playing the guitar, drums and ukelele as part of the initiative by the charity Music for All.

It is the first time a business in Crawley has been part of the project in this way.

TMC has been in Crawley for about 30 years selling sheet music, instruments, giving advice on which instruments to buy.

Manager Amanda Fisher, 24, whose father first ran the business, wants the day to be a social event and promote the benefits of playing a musical instrument.

She said: “Acoustic guitar and drums are our biggest selling things at the moment.

“They are really popular along with the ukelele.

“We want to it for anyone who’s scared to play or thought they could never learn to play.

“It’s a good hobby and a good way to motivate people to concentrate on something.

“They can start socialising by going into bands.

“Hopefully they will find after this day they can come back. People can come for advice.

“We want to let people know we are here and save them a trip to Brighton or Guildford.”

Colin MacKay, who works there and will be teaching on the day, added: “Educationally it’s good.

“It does make a big difference to a lot of youngsters.

“Music is a big connection with people. If you go to another country and you play something, you don’t have to speak their language.

“It is infectious. Once you get a child interested, that’s when you can get them interested in the technical aspects.”

The lessons between 10am and 4.30pm are open to people of all ages. It is expected to be very popular, so booking is essential. For more information and to book call Amanda on 01293 611166.