Crawley Observer takes part in WWI project

Louth to host it's first Triathlon event.
Louth to host it's first Triathlon event.

The Crawley Observer and Crawley Museum have taken part in a BBC project looking at life on the home front during World War One.

Jonathan Parrett, assistant curator at the museum, and Observer reporter Karen Dunn were interviewed by BBC Radio senior producer Simon Furber on the topic of Crawley Cottage Hospital and how Crawley contributed to the war effort 100 years ago.

Their stories will be used as part of the ongoing BBC project.

Simon said: “My mission is to tell the story of what it was like to live in our area during World War One, using places and events. I hope these stories will help our audiences understand what happened during WW1 by showing them what life was like in our communities.”

“Each story will be broadcast on the radio and will feature online at”

He added: “The museum is doing great work to help us all understand what life was like in Crawley during the Great War.

“Some of the stories they have discovered are very moving and offer an insight into how local people were affected by the First World War. I urge you to visit the new exhibition when it launches!”