Crawley potholes to be patched up again

Picture by Andrew McMillan SUS-140403-095526001
Picture by Andrew McMillan SUS-140403-095526001

Recent atrocious weather has led to ‘inevitable’ failures in pothole repairs, according to West Sussex County Council.

Repair teams will be in Three Bridges on Thursday night (March 6) to do patching work on some of the holes in the area.

A spokesman said 11 potholes had been repaired in the roads around Three Bridges station in the past six months.

Andrew McMillan took this photo in Hazelwick Avenue on Sunday (March 2) and described the potholes as “getting dangerous”.

He added that one, in Hazelwick Avenue, had reappeared a few hours after being repaired.

The county council spokesman said there was no data available detailing how many potholes had to be re-repaired but added: “Due to the extreme weather conditions, and sheer volume of water currently sitting on the highway network, it is, unfortunately, inevitable that some of the repairs will fail.”