Crawley Seven-year-old awarded for saving pregnant mum


A seven-year-old has been awarded for saving her heavily pregnant mother’s life with her quick thinking.

Lauren Parisi, from Brock Road, Langley Green, immediately knew to call her nan and 999 when her mother Diana started having a severe asthma attack in March.

She was only six at the time, but her quick thinking meant her mother was quickly given vital medication so she could breath.

Diana, 32, a SECAmb Ambulance Technician who was 31 weeks pregnant at the time, said her daughter potentially saved her life when she started to lose control of her breathing.

She said: “It was quite scary. We’d just finished dinner and my breathing started to feel heavy.

“I couldn’t talk at all. There was no way I could speak to anybody to give them information myself. After she rang Nanny she said, ‘Mummy I’m going to call the ambulance because they could help you’.

“I could have easily gone unconscious and stopped breathing so she saved my life potentially. It’s all down to her.”

Lauren managed to answer all the ambulance phone operator’s questions and open the door to the paramedics.

Lauren said: “My nanny had to come from Horley and I saw that my mummy couldn’t breathe so I said that I was going to call her ambulance friends.

“I was a bit frightened doing that but I kept speaking to the lady on the phone who asked me lots of questions. She asked me to open the door for the ambulance and I wanted them to make my mummy better.”

When Diana was given medication to calm her breathing, she started having contractions. She was rushed to the delivery suite at East Surrey Hospital where staff were able to stop the contractions.

Diana added: “It was mental because I didn’t want this baby that night!

“Lauren was quite scared but I knew she’d be looked after.”

Paramedic Nicole Lecroissette said: “The journey to hospital was unreal. I just did not want Diana to have her baby prematurely there and then. Luckily once in hospital the medical staff were able to stop her contractions.”

Diana is now mum to Lauren’s three-week-old brother George.

When the family visited Crawley Ambulance Station, in Ifield, to show off the new arrival, members of SECAmb presented Lauren with a Chief Executive Certificate of Recognition.

Diana added: “I’m so proud of Lauren for calling 999 in the way she did. Being only six she was very brave and although very scared and nervous, she was really clever. She knew how to answer all the questions.”.”