Crawley special school marks its tenth anniversary

Staff and students have celebrated the 10th birthday of the town’s award-winning special school.

The entire school, parents, and former staff and friends of Manor Green School gathered at its site in Ifield on Friday (July 11).

Manor Green College SUS-140714-164600001

Manor Green College SUS-140714-164600001

Former teacher Michael Finn praised the success of the school.

Mr Finn, who retired four years ago, said: “I think the way that the children support each other has been a key facet of the school.

“That’s the thing I’ll always remember is how supportive the students are to each other.”

Pupils and staff hung written tributes to Manor Green School on a ‘memories tree’.

Grahame Robson, head teacher for Manor Green’s secondary school, said: “We’ll hopefully build organically a 3D structure that’ll be added to over the next couple of years.

“It’s a way of saying both schools are now established and are starting to take a much stronger role with other schools across the Crawley area.”

Pupils came up with the idea for the tree.

It was some two metres tall and wide and the tributes were written on card, laminated and attached to it.

Mr Robson said: “It was just something a particular class said would be a nice idea for everyone be able to comment on why they love coming to the college and it’s special for them.”

Mr Robson planned to make the school a local hub for children with special educational needs. He said: “I very much hope in ten years we become a much more visible part of the community for families who have children with a whole range of difficulties.

“It’s important that schools like this, where there’s a lot of expertise with youngsters with special needs, are much more well known.

“There’s a lot of youngsters that do feel isolated and it should be somewhere where people who have children with special needs can go to and to get advice and support.”

Mr Robson said special schools had become less “isolated” over the last ten years.

He said: “When it was set up it was quite isolated - in the current climate schools like this become much more important.”