Crawley twirlers need costumes


Young baton-twirlers needed to raise around £450 before their first national competition.

Crawley Bobby Dazzlers were fundraising for costumes for the National Championships on April 18 to 21.

Jenny Johnson, 46, of Southgate, who helps her daughter, Lauren Johnson, 21, run the club at the Broadfield Centre, said: “We’ve been fundraising since September and this is our final push.

“Each girl and boy have a variety of costumes and equipment that they use throughout the four days of the competition.

“We’ve raised £3,500 to make sure they can compete alongside everybody else.”

Jenny said it cost around £185 to enter each child into the competition. There are 17 girls and a boy. Ages range from four to 16.

She said the twirlers gave £500 in loose change and parents helped raise some £750 at a Christmas fair.

The youngsters also donated around £70 worth of Smarties tubes filled with 20p coins.

The team has been training twice a week ahead of the competition.

Jenny said: “We are quite well prepared so it’s just a question of polishing our routines.”

Younger girls will dress as Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Spidergirl for the event.

A team of older girls will compete in Barbie doll costumes.

Leo, 8, will perform as Mickey Mouse along with three other girls. Leo started baton-twirling last September and “mucks in” with the girls.

Jenny said: “There’s lots of dressing up and glitter. They are a lovely bunch of girls and a boy.” To donate, visit