Crawley volunteer’s award for 22 years’ service


A volunteer for a charity that supports Crawley Hospital has received a medal for his 22 years’ of service.

David Hawkins, vice-chairman of The League of Friends of Crawley Hospitals, received the Order of Mercy medal at The Mansion House, London, on July 28.

Lord Lingfield, President of the League of Mercy, presented medals to 25 volunteers for health care charities from across the country.

Lord Lingfield said: “Mr David Hawkins has done extraordinary work for the welfare of others.

“He is a marvellous example of someone who has given wonderful service to his community and we were delighted to be able, on the recommendation of the charity, to make this well deserved award.”

Mr Hawkins, 71, from Pound Hill, used to help his father count collections for The League of Friends of Crawley Hospitals as a boy.

His father Maurice Hawkins was the charity’s treasurer from 1952 until he died in 1988.

David Hawkins said he often counted money from its fundraisers as vice-chair.

He joined the charity’s committee shortly after he retired due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1992.

He worked in bank branches across Surrey and Sussex from the age of 18 to 59 .

Mr Hawkins said: “I knew some people on the committee already - local friends.

“Lots of people have been involved with the hospital.

“We raised money for lots of equipment.”

One of his best moments with the charity was helping it raise £50,000 over five years in the 1980s for a CT scanner for Crawley Hospital.

Mr Hawkins said the scanner had been replaced by an MRI scanner and added: “The equipment always gets reinvented and gets more expensive, which makes our job more difficult.”

He saw the charity raise funds for and donate a breast scanner to Crawley Hospital in 2013.

Women can check for cancer in town instead of East Surrey Hospital, Redhill, as a result.

The charity was founded in 1949 and raises funds through regular book sales and ‘Good as New’ sales at Crawley Hospital and more.

For more information, call 01293 600440.

TheLeague of Friends of Crawley Hospitals buys equipment for the town’s hospitals.

The charity was founded in 1949 and holds regular fundraisers to buy equipment for Langley Green and Crawley hospitals.

The Friends are based at Crawley Hospital and meet at least once a month to organise fundraising events.

These include street collections, quizzes, sales and fairs.