Crime group jailed for sex trafficking

Eastbourne Hastings Bexhill Rye Battle Herald Observer
Eastbourne Hastings Bexhill Rye Battle Herald Observer

Members of an organised crime group have been jailed for conspiring to traffic women into the UK for sexual exploitation.

Hungarian nationals Mate Puskas, Zoltan Mohacsi, Istvan Toth, Peter Toth, and Puska’s former girlfriend Victoria Brown, were sentenced at Hove Crown Court on Wednesday (January 8).

The group operated from a number of locations including the Arora Hotel, Ibis Hotel and Moat House Hotel, in Crawley.

A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said the charges covered more than 60 incidents spanning just under two years, during which women were brought from Hungary into the UK with their ‘profiles’ uploaded on to a website advertising sexual services for sale.

All five were sentenced for conspiracy to traffic females into the UK for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Puskas received six years, Brown three years, Mohacsi four years, Istvan Toth five years and Peter Toth four years. Istvan Toth and Peter Toth were both also sentenced to nine months for failing to surrender.

The pair are still wanted by police and were sentenced in their absence.

Portia Ragnauth, acting chief crown prosecutor CPS South East, thanked the authorities in Hungary for their help and added: “Without this cross-border co-operation achieving justice for these women would have been considerably more difficult.”