Domestic violence details revealed

A campaign urging victims of domestic violence not to suffer in silence has seen more than ten incidents in Crawley reported to police in 24 hours.

Anonymous details of the reports were posted on social media site Twitter to raise awareness and encourage more victims to come forward.

Police described calling at one address where a son had smashed up the family home with a baseball bat.

Another post told how a woman attended Crawley Police Station to report an assault by jealous and aggressive ex-boyfriend.

Meanwhile a man called police about his girlfriend who was drunk and threatening him, police said.

Sussex Police received 113 reports of domestic violence and arrested 24 people during the 24-hour ‘Tweetathon’ on December 14.

It was launched by Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne who described domestic crime as one of her top priorities.

The incidents contrast to the worst case scenario suffered by some victims.

In 1996 journalist Janet Hazle, of West Green, was shot dead by her husband.

He was jailed for life for murder.

In 2011 Shehla Baig, of Northgate, was stabbed to death by her husband. He was detained indefinitely in a secure unit after admitting manslaughter.

Extra patrols have been designated to tackle domestic Voilence over Christmas and New Year with officers equipped with body-worn video cameras to help secure vital evidence.

Detective Sergeant Hari Flanagan said: “We have historically had peaks in the number of calls for help on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Victims can be assaulted or abused by their partners or other family members and many of the incidents the police have attended in the past have been extremely violent”.