Police charge 120 in drink-drive crackdown


Police have expressed “disappointment” over the number of motorists charged following a Christmas drink-drive crackdown.

A total of 120 people were charged with drink or drug-related driving offences after Sussex Police began its annual Christmas campaign on December 1.

A further 52 were arrested during the month, before being released on bail while officers carry out further inquiries.

Chief Inspector Natalie Moloney said: “I’m very disappointed that so many people ignored our messages and decided to risk their lives and the lives of other people by drink-driving or drug-driving.

“The fact that 21 people were arrested on suspicion of driving after taking drugs confirms my view that it is not just drink-driving that must be tackled in Sussex to make the roads safer for everyone.”

Officers tested more than 4,000 motorists for drink or drugs following accidents or after stopping their vehicles. If you suspect some one of drink-driving, text 65999 with details including car make and registration number.