Dad’s pride as Crawley karate kid becomes black belt

Charlie Cullinane SUS-140714-180051001
Charlie Cullinane SUS-140714-180051001

A proud dad is keen to find out if his eight-year-old son is the youngest karate black belt in the town.

Charlie Cullinane earned his 1st Dan in June, four years after taking up the sport.

Dad Aiden, of Three Bridges, described how Charlie, who attends Three Bridges Primary School, went through a four-hour exam before being awarded his belt.

He said: “There were four taking the black belt and he was the youngest there. We’re so proud of him.”

Aiden, 43, who used to box in his younger years, said he had been keen for his son to take up the sport but Charlie had fallen in love with karate.

The proud dad credited the sport with bringing the once-shy youngster out of his shell.

He said: “He was really shy. But as soon as we got him into the karate, his confidence grew so much.”

Charlie trained with Top Geer Fitness, which is run by Alan Geer with classes at Hazelwick and Oriel schools.

Aiden said: “He’s not one of those kids that goes round bragging but he’s really proud of what he has achieved. He wants to carry on with the karate and earn his 10th Dan.”