Dad’s Valentine’s Day gift

Lee Parker and his sons Alfie and Archie
Lee Parker and his sons Alfie and Archie

A new father says bringing his twin boys home for the first time was the best Valentine Day’s present.

Lee Parker, 31, and his fiancée Sarah Mullanny, 31, of Broadfield, brought their five-day-old sons Alfie and Archie home on Friday (February 14).

Sarah went into East Surrey Hospital on Thursday (February 6) with labour pains.

She gave birth to Archie at 12.05pm and Alfie on 12.30pm on Sunday (February 9).

Lee said the twins were not due until March 9.

Alfie was born feet first and had breathing difficulties. He was placed in special care for five days.

Sarah was treated for shock and stayed in hospital.

Lee was in and out of hospital during that time.

He said: “You cannot explain it, the emotions as she got rushed in [to be treated for shock].

“I’ve been spending most of my time in the special care unit.”

He added: “It’s been mixed emotions because of Alfie being ill.”

Despite the complications, the whole family returned home on Valentine’s Day healthy.

Lee and Sarah were told by a doctor at East Surrey Hospital they could go home on Friday.

Lee said: “We were very happy, though not too much because we were tired.”

He wrote on social media: “Me and my fiancée are having our twins boys, we are going home today.

“It’s the best present ever as Alfie, our second twin, was legs first and was in special care so it’s the best present ever in the world.”

Family members waited for the couple at their home.

Speaking shortly after they got back, Lee said: “It’s the best Valentine’s present.

“It’s a relief to be back home.

“I’m very tired. I’ve not had four hours sleep for the last three days.”

Speaking of becoming a father, he added: “I was a bit worried because it was my first time having children.

“It all just kicks in and comes naturally.”

Archie weighed 5lb6oz and Alfie weighed 6lb3oz.

Lee raised funds for the Lullaby Trust after his nephew died because of cot death a few years ago.