Delivering smiles with a rainbow coloured ’tache

jpco-5-12-12 Geoff Ingram is a post man who has grown a moustache for movember (Pic by Jon Rigby)
jpco-5-12-12 Geoff Ingram is a post man who has grown a moustache for movember (Pic by Jon Rigby)

A postman delivered many smiles when he followed through on his charitable pledge to dye his moustache in rainbow colours.

Geoff Ingram, 43, from Ifield, suffered taunts from colleagues after growing a moustache for the first time in his life for Movember.

The postman decided to create a fundraising target bonus prize in order to raise more funds from his ordeal.

On Thursday (November 29) that promise was kept when Geoff dyed his titan tache after reaching his target of £300 for prostate cancer.

Hairdresser Kelly, from Revive, in West Green, undertook the two hour long process of dying Geoff’s hair and moustache, for free.

The laborious process involved bleaching the whole tache before dying each individual section.

Kelly then shaved Geoffs hair and dyed a stripe bright pink which he father-of-two admitted was an added surprise.

He said: “I didn’t realise she was going to do my hair as well but she said I might as well while I was there.

“I was quite nervous before doing it because I thought it would burn my upper lip but it just tingled a bit.

“My kids love the new look they think it’s hilarious and apparently photos of me have been going around their school.”

Geoff worked with the flamboyant new hair do for two days and received a range of reactions on his deliveries.

“I’ve had a few frowns and a few odd looks but then people ask what it’s all about and I explain and they say ‘good on ya’.”

Geoff also went to the Movember Gala in Brighton where colleagues persuaded him to dress as the construction worker from the Village People.

“I didn’t actually feel too out of place there,” Geoff admitted. “I wasn’t the only one dressed as a construction worker.

“One bloke said he had tash envy because he had a little piddly thing compared to mine.

“One guy came over to me in the kebab shop and gave me a pound towards the cause.”

Fellow post worker Kerry Campbell, 34, from Langley Green, initiated the dramatic dye idea and accompanied Geoff to the event.

She said: “He was very popular that night. I left him for 10 minutes and when I came back he had about five construction workers standing around him.”

The postman also enjoyed a pub crawl around Crawley on Saturday night (December 1) and Kerry convinced him to don a cowboy outfit on that evening.

“I’ve absolutely loved taking the mick,” Kerry admitted. “Next month’s going to be so boring when I can’t laugh at him all the time. I’ll find something else to take the mick out of though.”

Geoff has now raised more than £400 for prostate cancer and will continue to raise money until his fund raising web page is closed down.

“I’d like to say a huge thank you to Kelly and to everyone who donated,” he said. “Despite how silly I look I’m glad we raised so much money.”

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