Ed Miliband enjoys all the fun of the May Fair during Crawley visit

Ed Miliband MP has visited Crawley in an attempt to give Labour’s election chances a boost.

The Labour leader visited West, Green, chatted with market traders in the High Street, walked through Queens Square and dropped in on the Northgate May Fair today (Saturday May 17).

Ed Miliband visits Crawley SUS-140517-163454001

Ed Miliband visits Crawley SUS-140517-163454001

Echoing the word’s of Harriet Harman, who visited the town in March, Mr Miliband vowed to axe the controversial spare room subsidy – the bedroom tax – should Labour be elected to Government.

Regarding problems in Crawley, he recognised the town’s ongoing housing problem and said Labour would ensure all future developments included 40 per cent affordable homes.

As for Thursday’s local elections, in which Labour need to win three more seats without losing any to take over the council, he said: “We’re getting a very good response but you take nothing for granted in an election. That’s why we’re here in Crawley today to take Labour’s message out to people.”