GCSE RESULTS: Hazelwick school

Pupils at Hazelwick school will be celebrating today (Thursday, August 21) with 76 per cent of all GCSE grades at A*-C and 23 per cent at A*-A.

The results were an improvement on last year when the figures were 70 per cent and 21 per cent respectively.

Fatima Iqbal, Annabelle Jones and Amy Cooper (Pic by Jon Rigby)

Fatima Iqbal, Annabelle Jones and Amy Cooper (Pic by Jon Rigby)

A statement from the school said: “Our results are particularly pleasing in view of the government’s clear emphasis on the importance of KS4 students taking high-value traditional GCSE qualifications, which enable students to progress to the next level and are recognised by universities and employers alike.

“At Hazelwick 93 per cent of qualifications taken this year were GCSE subjects.

“In addition, this year’s non-modular GCSE exams (without re-sits) were in many cases significantly tougher, making our success rate all the more impressive.”

Core subjects

In the core subjects, the A*-C rate average in English and maths was 72 per cent and, in science, 75 per cent of pupils achieved at least two A*-C grades – with more than 90 students (31 per cent) achieving three separate science A*-C GCSE grades.

In history and geography, 74 per cent of students achieved A*-C grades.

A record total of 56 students achieved five or more A/A* GCSE grades, with 19 of those scoring at least four A* grades.

Top Results

Of the highest attaining students, four scored seven A* GCSE full-course grades, three achieved eight A* GCSE grades and one scored nine A* GCSE grades

More than 100 students – the school’s highest number ever – achieved the EBacc (English Baccalaureate), which requires GCSE A*-C grades in the traditional academic subjects of English, maths, two sciences, history/geography and a language.

Languages continued to be a strength at the school with 86 per cent of grades in French, German, Spanish and Latin being A*-C and 37 per cent A/A*.


Head teacher Ann Fearon said: “Our students should be immensely proud of their achievements and I congratulate them.

“I would also like to congratulate Hazelwick staff and parents for the fantastic support provided for our students.

“Hazelwick School is a school to be proud of. We are ambitious for our students and that ambition is making a positive difference to their futures.”

Chairman of governors Wendy Stanford added: “These results complete another great year for the school.

“When added to the school’s excellent performance at A-level this year, they confirm Hazelwick’s commitment to achieving academic success at all levels.

“I’m so proud of the hard work and dedication that has gone into ensuring that Hazelwick students are well prepared for their futures, whichever path they choose to follow.”

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