Flooding blamed on blocked gullys

Blocked gullys have been blamed for much of the surface flooding experienced by Crawley over the past couple of months.

Speaking at Crawley Question Time on Wednesday (February 5), Cllr Bob Lanzer said the council was working with the county highways team to keep them clear and that an emergency contractor was available to call on when needed.

Cllr Lanzer added work was ongoing with the Environment Agency on projects designed to prevent flooding given recent extremes in wind and rain. He added: “By working with the Environment Agency on projects around the River Mole, we strive to make that kind of flooding less likely.”

Cllr Peter Lamb blamed funding cuts to both council and Environment Agency funds for a lack of maintenace to the counties drainage.

He added: “We need to be taking flooding a lot more seriously than we have and stop assuming that, because things aren’t bad at the moment, we can let our emergency systems slip.