Forum ‘cares for all’

Let's FACE It! 2012 awards
Let's FACE It! 2012 awards

Three Bridges Forum is a group of residents who care about everything that affects the neighbourhood.

The group holds four meetings a year for residents to attend to discuss events, developments, road and parking issues.

Forum members said they feel they are reuniting the residents in Three Bridges.

A spokeswoman for the forum said: “We feel we are at last reuniting the residents into one neighbourhood. Thus conforming to the original concept of Crawley.”

The forum has a number of achievements under its belt, including helping Three Bridges Cricket Club to dig out its flower beds and tidy up the area around the club.

It planted eight sapplings on Jubilee Field to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and planted 5000 bulbs around the Gales Drive shopping precinct in November last year.

Members have represented residents at Crawley Borough Council meetings highlighting concerns in Three Bridges such as street drinkers.

Plans were put in place to help with the problem of street drinkers where forum members wrote to local shops to ask them to remove low cost beer and ciders, and the forum worked with the police to put up posters stopping people riding their bikes on pavements.

It has been actively pursuing the creation of a new bye-law to prevent cars being parked on green spaces and had trialled new ideas to prevent it from happening.

The forum provided a seat for people to use when they are waiting for the bus at Northgate Avenue to visit relatives and friends at East Surrey Hospital.

Residents are communicating with Three Bridges Infant and Junior Schools over the proposal to make the schools into one all through school. The forum aims to hold meetings during the year to keep communication open between residents, the head teachers, and governors.

The forum was awarded a number of trees to plant in Jubilee fields and is currently investigating whether a small area in The Birches can be turned into a wild flower area.

The forum is currently fighting for a new community centre and has been instrumental in its support of Three Bridges Infant School to provide an area for children to observe nature.

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