Gatwick campaigners call for “proper” compensation

Brendon Sewill ENGSUS00120131001155923
Brendon Sewill ENGSUS00120131001155923

Campaigners have called on Gatwick Airport to offer “proper” compensation to people who will be most affected by the building of a second runway.

Members of the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign (GACC) and Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions (CAGNE) spoke after the airport announced pledges which would see it invest a further £256million into jobs, housing and infrastructure.

GACC, which is chaired by Brendon Sewill, accused Gatwick of leaving too many questions unanswered when it came to the effect a second runway would have on people’s quality of life.

A spokesman said: “If Gatwick has suddenly found itself so flush with funds, why are they not offering proper compensation to all those tens of thousands that will suffer the devaluing of homes and quality of life destroyed by the many, many new flight paths that a new runway will demand?”

Sally Pavey, chair of CAGNE, said: “With a second runway comes even more new flight paths and for those that are to suffer the noise many miles away from Gatwick, they should be properly compensated and not just ignored by the off shore owners of Gatwick Airport Ltd.”