Girl gets stuck in mud for two hours while trying to rescue dog in Crawley


A 12-year-old girl was taken to hospital after she got stuck knee-deep in mud for two hours while trying to rescue her dog.

Firefighters were called to the path off Yewlands Walk, Ifield, at around 6.40pm yesterday (Wednesday, April 2).

John Convey, Crawley Fire Station red watch commander, said the girl was taken to hospital by ambulance after she complained of ankle pain.

The girl was out walking her dog with a group of friends when it strayed into a muddy patch and got stuck.

They tried to free her for two hours after the girl followed her pet in.

She was given a fireman’s lift to get her out of the bog.

South East Coast Ambulance Service were called and took her to hospital.

The dog suffered no injuries.

Mr Convey said: “Her friends called us in after they had taken so long and tried so hard to get her out.”

He added: “Never retrieve a dog from ice or mud, leave that to the fire service.”