A HOLIDAYMAKER stabbed in a home in Thailand after apprehending an intruder later died from heart failure in hospital, an inquest heard.

Homayoun Djavadizadeh, from Paddockhurst Road, Turners Hill, received an injury to his neck from a knife or sharp instrument.

The wound didn t appear to be serious but the 57-year-old later died following a failure of the cardiovascular system and inadequate blood flow to the heart.

In a report read out at the inquest at Crawley Hospital, his son Damon explained his father travelled after his girlfriend died, and said: "He enjoyed good health generally although he was a diabetic. As far as I m aware he had no heart problems.

"His last trip abroad was to Thailand and whilst there he did suffer from chest pains and was due to see a doctor about this."

Pathologist Dr Colin Hunter-Craig examined the corpse again when it returned to Crawley but the embalming of the body, which had been carried out in Thailand, made it difficult to look at the organs.

He explained: "There was a 25mm laceration to the right side of the chin but it was superficial.

"The injuries are superficial and in themselves would not have contributed to the death."

Deputy coroner s officer PC Dave Colella said the pathologist was unable to prove the cause of death but reckoned it stemmed from a lack of blood to the heart.

Deputy coroner Dr David Skipp said: "The cause of death was due, in effect, to his heart and cardiovascular system being put under pressure, possibly because he lost blood or may be because he suffered from heart disease.

"There is no evidence he died as a result of a knife blow or that it pierced any organ."

Verdict: He died as a result of the failure of his heart and cardiovascular system as a result of blood loss from a knife injury and also previous heart disease.