Hosepipe ban starts today

HOUSEHOLDERS in Crawley face a £1,000 fine if they flout water restrictions which come into effect today.

The restrictions, which include hosepipes and sprinkler bans, are being introduced following the second driest 12 months on record.

Southern Water is one of seven UK water companies introducing similar measures covering much of the South and East of England. The others are: South East Water, Thames Water, Anglian Water, Sutton and East Surrey, Veolia Central and Veolia Water Southeast.

The restrictions include:

• Watering of public parks, gardens and allotments with a hosepipe

• Filling swimming pools and paddling pools, unless with a hand-held container

• Filling domestic ponds with a hosepipe

• The use of any apparatus connected to a hosepipe to carry out restricted activities

Full details of the restrictions are available at www.southernwater.co.uk/drought.