Hospital staff say they are ‘absolutely worn out’


A hospital has been told it needs to improve every area of its work after an inspection found staff were “absolutely worn out”.

Langley Green Hospital, a psychiatric inpatient unit for people with acute mental health problems, has received a critical The Care Quality Commission (CQC) report which was published earlier this month.

Employees told inspectors they were “absolutely worn out” and unable to attend some training sessions.

Some staff said they had received a one-day induction and one week shadowing then they had been left to “sink or swim”.

The report stated that the care and welfare of patients was lacking.

It pointed out that the intercom in the seclusion room was not working, meaning 
anyone in there had to gain attention of a passer-by through the window.

This issue had been noted as ‘urgent’ in September 2013.

The hospital failed in the area of respecting and involving service users.

Inspectors noticed that service users were not allowed to make themselves cups of tea or coffee.

In respect of mealtimes, one patient said “domestic staff get funny if patients are not there on time”.

The report said: “They told us that some younger patients would like a lie-in but this had not been allowed.

“Due to the time constraints in the morning, staff said they could not always get all patients ready in time for breakfast so they were taken to the dining room in their nightclothes and nightgown.”

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the hospital, said it provided the CQC with a detailed action plan setting out how and by when it will resolve each issue raised.

A spokesperson for the trust said: “We apologise for any shortcomings in the care and treatment we provide to the patients and communities we serve.

“Some of the issues identified by the CQC were dealt with as soon as they were highlighted.

“This includes putting extra consultant psychiatrist medical cover in place on our wards and responding to patient feedback about meal times.

“Since the inspection, we have continued to update the CQC on the progress we have made and we anticipate a further inspection in due course.”