Labour takes control of Crawley Borough Council - UKIP wins no seats


Labour has taken control of Crawley Borough Council.

There were scenes of joy at the K2 Liesure Centre as the results from the 12 wards were read out by returning officer Lee Harris today (Friday May 22).

Many candidates had worked out that a change was on the wind a couple of hours before the final result - Pound Hill South and Worth - was received.

UKIP won no seats.

Crawley Labour prospective parliamentary candidate Chris Oxlade said: “In the past few months we have been out and about talking to thousands of Crawley people and the Crawley people have spoken today.

“We are listening to the concerns and issues they have had over the past few months and will work our hard to to serve the people of Crawley to the best of our ability.”

Conservative leader Harold Bloom said: “We are not saying it’s the end of the world - tomorrow is another day.”