Little Eve has a big voice

An eight-year-old singer who won Crawley’s Got Talent 2013 has started her formal musical training.

Eve Ozmen, 8, of Southgate, performed in front of thousands after winning CGT last May.

Eve Osman SUS-140807-105958001

Eve Osman SUS-140807-105958001

Eve’s mother, Alexis Ozmen, 35, said: “Since winning she’s performed at lots and lots of community events.

“She started her classical singing grades - she’ll take Grade 1 shortly.

“She does have all the time to become a classical singer.”

Eve performed in front of thousands with famous classical singer Katherine Jenkins at an open air concert last July.

Alexis said: “It was an amazing experience.

“She got a standing ovation.

“Katherine Jenkins is her complete idol, she loves her.”

Katherine Jenkins asked Eve on stage at the summer event in Haywards Heath.

Alexis’s parents bought Eve tickets to the show to congratulate her for winning CGT.

Alexis asked the concert’s management if Katherine would mention Eve during the event.

She sent a video of Eve performing to the organisers.

Alexis said: “Katherine called Eve up to the stage, she sang on stage with thousands and thousands of people.

“They took her backstage and Katherine spoke to her.”

Eve sang Pie Jesu solo after she turned down accompaniment from the National Symphony Orchestra.

Alexis said: “Eve said ‘No thank you, I like to sing on my own’.

“I think she couldn’t quite believe it.”

Alexis said she would consider taking Eve to a music college after she left primary school.

Eve’s younger sister, Isla, 6, was taking formal singing and piano lessons.

Alexis said: “We’ve a lot of musicians in the family.

“She’s proving to be quite a little singer.”

Alexis used to play the acoustic guitar and her husband, Mark, 47, was a drummer.

Eve sang in Queens Square on Armed Forces Day (June 28) and at a retirement reception for Crawley Open House’s former director Peter Mansfield-Clark MBE in January.

She attends Lingfield Notre Dame School in Surrey.

Eve received positive feedback after she auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent in December 2012.

Alexis said: “She got good feedback, the production really liked her.

“She’s always sung from a young age - she didn’t have professional training.”

She added: “She got to know of Katherine Jenkins because she always had this interest in classical music.

“That’s how we discovered she liked singing - Eve Googled her and copied her.”

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