Crawley pre-school children care for chicks

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Youngsters welcomed some new arrivals to their pre-school in the shape of 9 freshly hatched chicks.

Children at Happy Hours Pre-School, in Broadfield Barton, took part in the two-week Living Eggs project in which they were given 10 eggs to care for.

Only one of the batch failed to make an appearance and staff and children alike spent days gathered around the incubator watching the little creatures develop.

Administrator Diane Clarke said: “The children are absolutely enthralled. They have loved every minute of it. It’s such a good experience for them.

“We did get the odd one who was a little bit wary but most of the children have been holding them and feeding them.”

The school also welcomed a full grown chicken to the class room to show the tots what would happen to their chicks when they went to their new home, a farm in Kent.

But the attraction of the fluffy little creatures proved too much for Diane and one parent, both of whom have taken two chicks home to add to their own gaggle of fowl.

Four-year-old Jack White declared: “I like the chicks” while gently cradling one in his hands.”

But what did Jack and his friends learn from the experience?

Diane joked: “They’ve learned that eggs don’t just come from supermarkets.”

She added: “They’ve learned the whole life cycle, from eggs to chicks hatching and how to care for them and clean them out daily.”

While Happy Hours usually used tadpoles and butterflies to demonstrate life cycles to the children, Diane suspected another batch of chicks may find their way to the pre-school next year.




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