Honeymoon Mini run for man and newly wedded wife

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A Mini fan convinced his fiancée to join the London to Brighton Mini Run 2014 the morning after their wedding.

Marc Tough, 31, and Gemma Manning, 27, of Flamsteed Heights, Broadfield, will get up early from their honeymoon to join the run in their wedding car.

The couple had set the wedding date by the time they realised the annual event was on the day after.

Marc, who has taken part in the run for more than ten years, said: “At the time it was a big joke and Gemma didn’t expect us to do it.

“I wish I could have had a camera with me when we found out.”

Marc said the surprise was followed by “serious debates” and jokes of divorce before the wedding.

He said: “We are both really really excited - we are finally tying the knot.

“She knows me well enough to know that I’m serious about Minis.

“I know the wedding is always the bride’s day but the day after will be mine.”

Marc and Gemma will get married at 2pm Crawley Register Office on May 16.

The reception will be in Goffs Manor and many photos will be taken of their BMW Mini, which will be decorated in flowers and ribbons.

The couple will leave for Brighton at 10am the next day and the car’s decorations will stay.

They have invited some of the wedding guests to join them on the run.

Marc said: “It’s part of the family, that’s why we are having it as part of the wedding.

“I plan to have this car for many many years and pass it down the generations.”

Marc got into Minis in his early teens and said his room was full of Mini toys.

He said: “It’s the quirkiness, I’m a little bit quirky and eccentric myself.

“Any Mini owner will tell you that no two are ever the same.

“The dream one day is to have new and old minis in matching silver with black roofs.”

Marc said the organisers of the run had allocated them a special parking spot at the end of the route.

He said: “We expect we’ll get a lot of attention.

“There’ll be hundreds and hundreds with us - Minis everywhere.

“It’s a great opportunity to meet people and share a passion.”

Speaking of the run, he added: “It’s such an iconic thing, children and the elderly recognise it.

“The streets in London are filled with people waving.

“Some are elderly people who have owned Minis, there’s a lot of nostalgia as well.”




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