Inspectors tell school it needs to improve

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Teaching and communication with parents at West Green Primary Schoolneeds to improve says Ofsted.

A report published on February 28 saw the school drop from its previous ‘good’ rating to ‘requires improvement’.

The report said teachers were not setting enough work at the right level of difficulty for pupils.

It added: “Furthermore their learning is, at times, capped when they get insufficient opportunities to check how well they have done compared with what they set out to achieve.”

The inspectors also said the school needed to improve its communication with parents and carers.

The school’s strengths were also highlighted and the “very clear vision” of headteacher Suzie Jeffries was praised, as were improvements in teaching standards. Pupil safety, engagement and behaviour was good.

Ms Jeffries said: “We will continue with what we were doing with regards to the big improvement that have been made.

“It’s about consistency. We know we’ve got very strong pockets of good and now we need to make that consistent right throughout.

“I’m confident we will make that happen.”

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