Jiving couple get into the groove at Open House gig

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Shoppers applauded when a mystery couple started jive dancing at a Queens Square gig showcasing town bands and musicians.

Organisers of the event, which was held at the bandstand on Saturday afternoon (December 14), have no idea who the dancers were (pictured right) but would love to thank them for adding to the entertainment.

Carol Vincent, 58, who put on the free concert with her husband Michael, 57, said: “They put their bags down and just started jiving and the crowd loved it.”

The gig was organised to collect winter gifts for Crawley Open House homeless shelter in Three Bridges. Shoppers soon got into the swing of things.

Carol thanked everyone who donated items. She said: “You name it and they arrived with it. It was touching when I received the first donation.”

Families handed in packets of biscuits and chocolates as well as various pieces of winter clothing.

The Vincents spend their free time going to gigs in Crawley and promoting the town’s musical talent. Carol said: “The musicians tend to stay in the pubs during the winter so it was nice to bring them out of their comfort zone. We had lots of fun which was what we set out to do.”

Among the musicians who took part in Saturday’s event were The Fantastic Elastic Band, Danny Dangerously, Zack Godden, 2 Tics, Mike and Paul Stanworth and Cotton Candy Rebellion.




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