Mother and son to skydive for charity

Tom Eveleigh and mum Heather SUS-140415-112337001

Tom Eveleigh and mum Heather SUS-140415-112337001

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A mother and son have taken up a skydiving challenge to raise money for the Care for the Wild wildlife charity. Tom Eveleigh and his mum, Heather, will join other members of their family for the jump on June 21. Joining Tom, 31, and Heather, will be Tom’s uncle Paul, from Notting Hill, and cousin Josh, from Staines. Tom, from Worth, said: “I’ve been volunteering with Care for the Wild and loved the idea of doing something amazing like this, while also helping their fantastic work with wildlife. I thought I’d put the challenge out to my big family, and got a great response. My uncle was the first to jump on the bandwagon, but he’s a bit nuts so the opportunity to jump out of a plane gives him a bit of a thrill. And my cousin Josh has a sister who has done three skydives so I think he is doing it for sibling rivalry purposes.”

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