Painter hopes her art will be an inspiration to others

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A painter said she hoped her exhibition of “very modern” art would inspire other budding artists.

Marie-Christine Clarke, originally of Paris, has produced a series of abstract and colourful works which she hopes offer respite from “deja vu” landscape art.

She said: “I try provide some sort of inspiration for others.

“When you see a lot of amateurs doing seasides or mountains, to me, it’s sort of deja vu, so if I could explore other venues, why not?

“It makes me feel I’ve created something out of nothing.”

The showcase is her second exhibition at the arts centre. Her new work draws inspiration from the interaction of bright colours and shapes with themes of fashion and culture.

Explaining why she paints abstract pieces, she added: “It’s a very deep feeling to explore myself.

“It’s a sort of walk within the unknown and suddenly you come up with something - you are very pleased to create something at the end of it.

“It’s more creation than anything else, but it’s evasion as well.”

Marie-Christine took up painting in the Netherlands in the 1990s after her two sons started school.

She completed a one-year mixed media course at Central Sussex College Crawley in the early 2000s.

She praised the town for providing young people the opportunity to appreciate art at the centre.

She said: “I’m really passionate about the visual arts.

“It’s great that Crawley has an art space for local and regional artists to exhibit and showcase their work and help to generate interest in the arts, especially with so many young people regularly visiting the Hawth.”

Marie-Christine said it would be “superb” to receive feedback on her work from the public.

She said: “For the majority of people, art seems to be put on a pedestal - maybe the exhibition would make the art more appreciated.

“I hope it would inspire local artists but I don’t know how it would be felt by others, it’s up to each individual to come out of it with something.”

The exhibition is showing at The Hawth’s foyer until Friday January 10.

Marie-Christine will be at the centre to speak to people about her work on Saturday January 4 from 4.30pm to 5.30pm. For more information about the exhibition, call Marie-Christine on 01293 412715 or email her on abcimpex@blueyonder.co.uk




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